Monday, August 16, 2010

Lindsay's reflections

One of the biggest joys of our trip to India was to see the obedience of our brothers and sisters there and to see God’s faithfulness in their lives. It was such a pleasure to meet Gloria, Ramesh, and Vijay and to hear their testimonies of God’s movement in their personal lives and in the lives of the people in India. These families are truly living out God’s call for our lives and God is definitely using them to impact his kingdom in huge ways.

Lindsay with the ladies from the Women's Vocational Center
The day that stands out most in my mind was the day that our groups separated and went into the villages. My particular group went to the pastor’s conference where pastors and their wives from the surrounding villages met to worship God and seek God’s wisdom on building healthy churches. It was amazing to see the passion and desperation for God in the singing and in prayers that went on in that room. In spending time with these pastors and hearing their testimonies it was also a very real reminder of the persecution that our brothers and sisters around the world face as they spread the gospel. They need a lot of prayer for strength in these times and for the hearts of those around them to be prepared for the gospel.

We also had the privilege to worship in a village nearby in what they hope will become a house church. Right now, there is only one believer in that home, but the family and neighbors are meeting there with a pastor and his wife regularly to hear the word of God. It was exciting to see that process of a new church forming and people who have never heard the word of God to hear for the first time.

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